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Our Values: Treat Customers Like Family

At BK Legal Courier and BK Courier, our number one priority is providing exceptional customer service, day or night, to our valued clients. Whether you’re a lawyer, retail manager, HVAC contractor or manufacturer, or just need a courier to help deliver your package, we treat absolutely every client like they’re part of the BK Legal Courier family.

We’re on a mission to redefine what it means to provide exceptional customer service at a highly affordable price. That’s why we’re always just a phone call away, regardless of time of day, and will always deliver on our promise to provide fast, reliable and accountable courier services at an easy-to-understand flat rate.

Why Choose BK?

We could talk about our modern up-to-date fleet, our bonded, polite and caring drivers or our amazing response times as reasons for why clients choose BK Legal Courier and BK Courier, but what really sets us apart are the values we live by each and every day.

These values – treating clients like family and always being there when they need you – result in the following reasons to choose BK Legal Courier over any other courier company:

  1. We make it really easy for customers do to business with us.
  2. We truly care about each and every customer and always go the extra mile.
  3. We treat customers like family.
  4. Our pricing system is the simplest and most affordable in the industry.
  5. We offer clients a comprehensive one-stop solution that saves them time and money.
  6. You can trust us to arrive on time, deliver on time and verify the transaction delivery. Our drivers are all hand picked and fully insured/bonded.
  7. We offer the quickest response time of any courier service in the city.
  8. We’re available 24/7 and will deliver any sized package anywhere on an emergency basis.

Regardless of your courier needs, we’re always available to serve you.

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