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Retail Courier Service

Specialty Courier Services for Retail Stores

With a large and agile fleet of fully licensed and bonded courier drivers across Ottawa, BK Courier is well suited to providing fast and reliable courier services for retail stores across the city. Our customer list includes: Office supply retailers, pharmacies, medical offices, jewellers, real estate brokers and many more.

BK Courier has worked for dozens of mid-sized to big box retailers in Ottawa, providing daily and weekly delivery services to locations around the city. Our team offers the fastest, most reliable and most affordable retail courier service available in Ottawa.

Deliveries Anywhere in Ottawa for a Simple Flat Rate

Many couriers in Ottawa charge their clients based on postal code zoning or distance from their headquarters. At BK Courier, we don’t think that approach makes much sense for retail outlets that can have many locations scattered across the city.

That’s why BK Courier charges a simple, easy-to-understand flat rate fee, either on a contract or individual order basis, that doesn’t change based on location.

If you have one store in Orleans and another in Manotick, BK Courier will charge you the exact same price as if your stores were around the corner from each other.

Track Your Retail Deliveries in Real-Time

At BK Courier, we also understand the need to be fast and efficient when delivering products between stores. You have customers that need their products quickly and without hassle, and we have the means to provide that with fast, 3 hour service across Ottawa.

And with BK Lightening you can send your deliveries to any store location in Ottawa on a rush basis for a slightly higher flat rate. We’re on call 24/7 with the fastest emergency retail courier service in Ottawa.

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